Monday, June 30, 2014

Have you ever been so hot that you've bled from your eyes?

I really hope that title sufficiently freaked mom out. No, I did not bleed from my eyes. But a poor sister from Canada that just arrived here 2 weeks ago did. Apparently the change in climate was so drastic her body couldn't handle it and she started bleeding buckets of blood, but the blood couldn't leave fast enough, so it started seeping out of her eyes as well. 

Also they found a car full of dead bodies in the area of some Hermanas in Caborca. Just another day en la frontera de Mexico. How have you guys been?

Bahia, Guaymas is awesome. Our ward is pretty much impossible, and we're not going to baptize anyone in this transfer, and probably not the next one either. Or the next. Because this ward is, like, dead. We have to actually save the members and keep the ward floating before we can start anything else. You can't build a building if your foundation doesn't even exist. But it's been good. 

Hermana Boitel is awesome. We have a good time and work hard. The Elders in our ward are.... interesting Elder Ensey is a black wrestling champion from Oregon and Elder Contreras from the ranches of Celaya, Mexico. Whew. You never did meet such a pair of intelligent, complicated, powerful set of Elders. They have extremely strong personalities and quite a bit of pride. This ward has all the potential and tools in the world... but it's going to be extremely difficult, especially trying to balance all the strong personalities, but we are determined to build this ward from literally the dirt up. 

I keep seeing commercials and promotion for The Fault in Our Stars movie.That's been more difficult than it should be. :P Also, I eat sea food now. I've lost count of how many times I've had octopus, not to mention everything else. Our area is pretty interesting because it's right on the ocean, so we teach a lot of sea men, and also quite a few naval men as well. Everyone seems to be either in the navy or working on private ships. It's a completely different culture that anything I've ever experienced. The ocean is a 5 minute walk from our house! But I love it. 

NOTICIAS! I've been mistaken for a Mexican. It all started when I got here and everyone we talked to said I had a really good accent. And then we were at a multi zone conference and one of the APs was like, how many months do you have here? Your Spanish is excellent. And then one day we were walking in the dark, and we started talking to some people, and they asked where I was from, and I said Utah, and we kept on talking for awhile, and then they were like, wait wait wait, but you're North American, right? And I was like, well yeah. And they were like, how strange, because your accent it almost perfect. 

But then my pride started to grow and it was bad.

I'm no where near close to perfect, though. Yeesh. I have a Dominican companion, and I can understand about 50% of what she says. Her words are all weird, and she speaks through her nose. Love her to death, but I definitely prefer Mexican Spanish. 

Bueno. I have to go, which is really too bad because I always have more to say... but it's cool. There's always next week. I hope you all are doing well, enjoying your climate, and loving each other.

Hasta luego!
Hermana Day

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