Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Another week

Dear everyone,

Did you know that this week I complete 5 months in the mission? Yup, July 5. Crazy, no? 

This week was... crazy. Monday night I was talking with the Elders on the phone, and suddenly I heard them protesting and fighting and then the phone cut off. It was probably the most terrifying 15 minutes of my entire life because we couldn't call them back, we had no idea where they were, and they are both fighters, so of course they're going to fight, and probably get killed. Luckily, they didn't get killed. They were almost at the point of fighting back when the Spirit spoke very strongly to both of them that they should not fight. So they didn't. And then they got a knife pulled on them. And then they were robbed of all their money and the cell phone. Revelation is real, people. Listen to the Spirit, because it might just save your life.

Anyways, we also had a cool experience where we set up a multifamily Family Home Evening with the Elders as part of our strengthen the dying ward project. We weren't sure what we were going to teach, so the Elders said, look, we're going to pray, and you guys pray, and then we'll call each other again in an hour with our answers. So we did that, and then they called us in an hour, and everyone was like, 1.... 2.... 3... ATONEMENT. Everyone recieved the exact same answer. I'm telling you, revelation is real. 

Besides that, this week was really hard, haha. :P Sometimes, missionary work seems pretty impossible because you can't see any progress. While there are never any doubts about the church or the doctrine, because it's as true as it's ever been, in these times you start to doubt yourself. Like, What the heck am I doing here? I can't change any of this. I'm wasting God's time. I'm not capable or spiritually sound or strong enough to handle this. Every piece of knowledge I thought I had is completely insufficient. I feel dead. I can't make a difference. I have no idea what I'm doing, and I have no idea where to begin. I am just so dang worn out and tired. 

I'm a person who likes to be in control, to have a firm mental handle on everything, and I'm facing problems greater than I ever imagined. It's impossible.

It's times like these, though, when you learn to rely on God, and He helps you out a ton. I testify that these thoughts come from the devil, and that they are not true. They only bring us down and take away our hope. We are given these hard, extremely difficult experiences not so we can fail, but so we can grow stronger in our faith in God and be triumphant over all. This week I remembered Moses 7:28-41. I read it every morning, and it gives me more peace than anyone can ever imagine. It is my favorite scripture story in all the scriptures, and I hope everyone will get out their scriptures after they're done reading this long, boring email, and read it. I won't bother to explain it, because it's a scripture that should mean something personal to everyone individually, and I'd like everyone to have that experience. 

Well, I'm out of time, but I'd like to close with my testimony. It's strange, because I'm not sure if I've ever done this in a letter before, which is very strange in and of itself. But here we go. First off, I know this gospel is true. I know it through every fiber of my being, I've known it for eternity, and I'll know it forever more. Nothing with ever change that, because it feels eternal. God is real. He exists and He hears His children when they suffer. He is a loving Heavenly Father and He weeps with us. He communicates with us, and loves us dearly, and nothing we can ever do can change that eternal love. I testify that Christ is the Savior of the world, that His role in our lives is more essential than the air we breathe, and that without Him there is no hope, but with Him there are no limits to our potential. I know that this gospel literally changes lives, both for people outside of the church, investigators, members for life, and less actives who haven't gone in years. This gospel is a gospel of change, and it is a gospel for everyone. There is no better way of living, no other manner that will bring greater happiness. This is it, and it is beautiful. I love you all dearly, and I feel your prayers beside me every day. Stay golden, and have an excellent week. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Hermana Day

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