Thursday, June 19, 2014


She's awesome. Now that I've opened this letter, I can't remember what I was going to write. This always happens on Pday. Anyways, I have an awesome companion who has a buttload of months in the mission and a really awesome reputation and I'm super excited because I have been given this opportunity to learn a ton and become a super awesome missionary. Shes's from the Dominican Republic and speaks absolutely no English, so I'll learn more Spanish fast. There are only 2 other American sisters here in Guaymas, so no more English for me. But seriously, my Spanish is going well. I just need to expand my vocabulary so I can speak more eloquently (dear heavens I've forgotten how to spell), and practice identifying every single word that people say so I can understand 100%, not like 85% or 90%. :P Yeshhhhhh I am so excited! Also I am excited because I am ON THE OCEAN. It's ridiculously, ridiculously humid here, with the heat of Hermosillo, so I live in a state of constant wetness, but it's all cool. 

Speaking of heat, did you know that Hermosillo reached over 53C last week? It topped the charts for the hottest place on earth. Yes, I was living, walking, and breathing in a place hotter than Death Valley, hotter than the Sahara. I'm not sure exactly what 53C is in F, but I know it's over 120F. We died. 

Things have been great, though. Our favorite family was all baptized, which is definitely the most beautiful thing I've seen on this mission. The dad was hilarious. Sunday night his wife and kids were baptized, and something changed in him. He went home, waited until everyone was asleep, and then started reading the Book of Mormon. When we came to visit, he had read 10 chapters, and was like, yeah, I would like to get baptized, and I recieved an answer and I know this is true, it's just a lot of responsibility, this covenant, and I have a little bit of fear. IT WAS SO COOL. He was baptized the following Saturday. It was terrible to leave this family, and Barrio Pueblitos, but I really feel good about what I did in that area, and that we left it much better that when we arrived. And now I'm in Hawaymas. Haha. That's what the people call it- like Hawaii and Guaymas. It's freaking hot and humid, and now I have to learn how to eat sea food, which is total karma, but it's all cool. I'm excited. 

Honestly I can't remember what else I was going to say. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your beautiful temperatures in your respective parts of the world. Also, that you all live in green places. I am sorry that I never seen to write anyone back. I get annoyed emails quite frequently. Sometimes I'm really good, other times I'll go for weeks or months without writing someone. No, I promise I have not forgotten about any of you, and you will get an email. :P Disculpeme. :D

Until next week! 

Hermana Day

PS Literally sorry this email is so pathetic. Hopefully my previous letter makes up for it. :P

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