Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Well, here I am in Mexico! Life is pretty good I guess. I´ve been here since 11am in the morning, which is Arizona time. It was so fun to talk to the family this morning! Sorry I had to be so quick. But Monday is Pday, so here I am emailing! This letter is probably going to be short, though, because the Español keyboard is just different enough from the English keyboard that I can´t type fast at all.

Some thoughts about Mexico:

I honestly don´t feel like I´m in a different country. I could easily be in California or Arizona or something. Everything feels the exact same; the people, the buildings, etc. Maybe it´s just because I was pretty much used to Mexicans anyways when I came here. Who knows. 

There are lots of white Mexicans. I thought I´d stand out here, but as soon as I learn the language I think I´ll fit right in. Yay! I´m determined to be Latina.

The streets here are crazy. First of all, I´ve decided that I was born to be a cab driver in Mexico. Seriously, our cab drive to our house was the funnest, yet most terrifying ride of my life. Plus, there are no seatbelts. I probably shouldn´t mention that because mom is going to have a heart attack, but it just made the experience that much more fun. Another interesting thing about the streets is that they have these performers that come out into the middle of the crosswalk every time the lights turn red. They do al sorts of performances with hoola hoops or bean bags or pretty much anything else you can think of, and then they go around the cars asking for money, and everyone gives them money! Not too shabby. Some of these performers are actually Mexican Indians, of which there seems to be quite a bit here. I can´t explain what they look like; I´ve never seen anything like it before. Maybe I´ll try to get a picture.

There are Mexican cowboys all over. I love it. Also the land looks just like southern Utah, so I feel right at home! Okay, but seriously I love it here. And no, I´m not saying that to make everyone feel better. I truly love it here! It is beautiful, the people are beautiful. I´m excited.

It´s really, really hot here though. I´m kind of dying, and it´s only March. I was talking to the mission president´s wife and I asked her how terrible it was in August, and she basically just said we die. Well. Okay then!

Now, the moment you´ve all been waiting for.... how´s the Spanish? Not bad! Not bad at all. I can communicate with my companion, so that´s good. The mission president and his wife only speak Spanish, but I can understand what they say. They had one of the APs translating for us just for today, but from here on out it´s only Español! ¡Que bueno! Does my Spanish suck? Yes. But is there hope? Of course! It´s my first day and I´m not too overwhelmed. Although I´ve yet to teach a lesson, so we´ll see what song I´m singing when that comes around. But yeah, the Spanish is coming.

We went over to a member family´s house to get aquainted with them because our trio (oh yeah, I´m in a trio, the third Hermana doesn´t know any Spanish at all) is all new to the area. They talked so ridiculously fast! I recognized the vast majority of the words, but I couldn´t string them all together fast enough to translate. Ah well, I´ll get better. :D Also, the family was playing classical music in their house. I almost cried. 

My native companion is awesome. Her name is Hermana Villa and we were told on the side by the APs that she is one of the most amazing Hermanas in the mission, and that we´re incredibly lucky to have her as a trainer. Yay! Also, the area we´re in is famed for their awesome members who are awesome at helping the missioaries. No offense home ward, but I feel like that´s something we´re kind of not so good at. So I´m really excited to work with the members here, because nothing forwards the work more than willing members.

Well, I´m sure that next week I´ll have a billion more things to write about. I love you all. I´m sorry you´re not all living in Mexico, but the good news is that you can repent and move down here asap. Start packing!


Hermana Day

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