Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hi everyone


I know I pretty much suck at writing these mass emails... partly because I don't have time, but also because I don't know what to say... 

I'll try my best, though.

This cambio has been excelent. For those of you who don't know, I'm finishing my mission with my MTC companion, Hermana Concidine. Which has pretty much been the funnest thing ever because we're really good friends, work well together, and life is a constant party. In a missionary sense, of course. We both feel so content about everything we've done, both in our area and in the mission in general. 

There are so many mixed emotions in my head I don't even know how to explain them all. Haha it is literally taking me forever to write this email and I feel like it's the most pathetic email I've ever sent. :P

Basically, I feel like I've lived, or I'm living a separate life. Everything has just become part of my being, my identity here. I was born in Pueblitos to a goodly parent, my darling mama Hna. Villa. :) My district leader was Chilean who talked so fast I couldn't even understand a word he said, Elder Filgueira. I was born with a twin, Hna. Metler, and off we went. Learning to speak; crawling at first, then walking (the blisters were terrible); and slowly progressing and growing. 

At some point, I had to leave the crib. After my training I spent my adolencence in Guaymas. Trials came, each one harder than the last. I met people that fundamentally changed my life forever, and began to see the big picture of what it all meant. Sometimes, I felt completely lost. Sometimes, I lived such joy I thought I could burst. We cried, we laughed, we sang. We sat in solemn silence and lived experiences that no one else will ever comprehend. And my faith began to grow. I began to grow. Slowly, at first, and then faster and faster. I began to see how every little thing than happened in life, from the people I met, to the experiences we experiences, to my studies, to my desires, were shaping me to become the person I needed to be. God places everything so perfectly it's incredible. And I began to see Him, communicate with Him every day. 

Villa de Series was jumping into the adult world. Full of confusion, darkness, profound lonliness, and lessons that I couldn't understand until after they had already passed. A test of faith, and a strengthening of it as well. 

Satelite brought new light to life, and I began to streamline every experience and part of me, and strive to become the missionary I wanted to be. I had a daughter, Hna. Garcia, and had the oppot}rtunity to watch and help her learn and grow. We learned together, striving to be better every day. 

And here I am, in Jardines. Staring my death in the face. HAHA not really. ...but really. My time here in Jardines has been absolutely excellent. I have put everything to work that I learned for the entirity of my mission, and everything exploded. 

Now, I feel like it's all I've ever known. I don't really remember many, many, things about my past life in the States. More so, I remember remembering. I am a different person. I'm not Mexican, but I'm not full American now either. And more importantly than my customs, or my nationality, is my spirituality. I suppose my true nationality is as a Child of God. An identity that will never change, no matter where I am, or what country I'm in. And I have come to know that truth in my heart in a way that words can never explain. It is something personal, and truly profoundly sacred. 

Am I sad to leave? Of course. But, as Dumbledore said (if I remember this correctly), death is nothing but the next great adventure. So here's to another part of my existance. I've past through one stage, on to the next. But just as we transfer from area to area in our mision life; or go from spirits with our Heavenly Father, to this life here on eath, and after on into the great Beyond, we ever build upon ourselves, and everything we've lived or become. An eternal circle of progression that never ends, that is formed perfectly to help us reach every potential we've never even imagined.

I love you all. So very much. I'll see you all Sunday, August 9th at 9am in the Draper Stokes chapel. 

DON'T WORRY, I'M NOT DEAD YET. Still alive and kicking. Here's to two more weeks of hard work, heat, sweat, and experiences of a lifetime.

Hermana Day

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