Saturday, January 10, 2015

Livin with the bonis

Hello All.

Well, I feel totally frazeled. Where to start? 

Saturday night we recieved transfers from our zone leaders... and the two of us gone transfered! Freaking transfers. We had just barely had 1 transfer in the area, and we had started from the bottom, learning everything together, and then after 1 freaking transfer they whitewash the area again! We were pretty angry because we had some pretty awesome goals for our ward this month, but whatever. The bad news is that they took us out and put Elders in. Probably a good thing, because our area was ridiculously dangerous and we almost couldn't work in it because of how dangerous it was... but everyone was pretty sad because now the ward will have only Elders again, and Elders are always a bummer. (That's a joke, Elders. Sort of. :P)

Sooooooo now I'm in Satelite. Wow. Where to begin. Satelite is one of the richest, if not THE richest area in Hermosillo, and it's the hardest area in the mission. They say this area kills missionaries. Not because they go home, but because it's so hard that they just stop working and die (figuratively speaking). Pleasant news. I'm now in Zona Pitic, with is the zone where the temple is, where Presidente and the Assistants are, offices, everything. Yesh. And, of course, every Hermana of Zona Pitic has to look super put together always. Ugh. Which means I can't just put my hair in a braid, or not put on a ton of makeup or whatever. Yup. Now I have to forget how to eat with my hands and remember all the table manners that mom pounded into me all my life. It's like a completely different world, honestly. I feel like I'm in a different country now, and everything seems so different. Today was really weird. I'm going to miss my areas where the only thing people had were tortillas y beans, but had hearts the size of the ocean. I'm going to miss the confidence we had, sitting on a plank in a tin shack, laughing as well as sometimes crying myself to death, loving these people like my family. It's different now, but I suppose that I need to remember that the people in my area are people too, and that, as always, there is a way into every human heart. 

The good news is that our District Leader (who is also in our ward) is one of the best singers in the whole mission, and he's super excited that I'm here, and I'm super excited that I get the chance to sing with him, so we're going to light this ward up with our voices and it's going to be awesome! 

Well. Yup. That's the news for this week. My companion is freaking awesome, and I feel good, honestly. I don't know, I just feel happy. I guess that's a good thing, right? Fruits of the gospel.

May you all have an excellent week!

Hermana Day

PS Boni in Sonora means some that is super rich, like, ''Ohmygosh, el esta biennnn boni'' (he's got a lot of money) or ''yesh esta area esta bien boni buena suerte'' (that area's super rich so good luck) I have no idea if this word exists in other parts of Mexico or Latin America. :P

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