Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello Everyone

Dear goodness. I don't know where to begin, or even what to write. But here is my sort-of weekly email. We'll start with the easy stuff first.

We found a 9 inch long centipede in our house. I cannot explain how terrifyingly fat and gigantic it was. Its pinchers, stinger thingie was about an inch, inch and a half long. I don't know if I have ever been so scared in my entire life. Of course, it also had the amazing attribute of running very, very fast. So we opened the front door, and, screaming, tried to push it with a broom out of our house. The neighbors came running and took over, and we were saved. That was definitely the most terrifying moment in my mission. Knife fights, gangs, cholos, cartels, police, etc., nah. Nothing compares with giant centipedes. Remember in the 2nd Star Wars movie how the bounty hunter puts the two giant centipedes in the room of Padme? Yeah, that's how I felt. The broom was our lightsaber.

Speaking of Star Wars, I finally figured out why the DF Mexico Temple looks so strange and familiar- it looks like the Jedi temple in Star Wars. Call me crazy, but I'm serious about this. DF Mexico Temple is actually the Jedi Temple. Just saying.

These past few weeks have been... interesting. Basically, that word is just what I'm going to use to describe my entire mission to obmit any unecessarily negative adjectives. :P First off, every other day we get hurricane warnings and everyone freaks out and school is cancelled and then nothing happens. It's a vicious cycle. This last Sunday all the boats and ships were suppose to leave for the season, which has basically meant that everyone has been super, super busy. There were fishermen in every street mending their nets, and everyone from carpenters to secretaries were working to send the boats out. It's an extremely complicated process that requires the efforts of the entire city. They were suppose to leave Sunday, which meant that a lot of people weren't in church. Ah well. However, due to the hurricane that's spinning around the Sea of Cortez, they couldn't actually leave, which sent everyone for a loop. Stay tuned.

It's raining right now, which is so incredibly nice. Our new zone is not my favorite, but it's improved from last transfer, so that's been nice. The poor Elders got robbed again, and they also found bikes which haven't been stolen yet, which is a step up from every other story about bikes I've heard in this mission. Also, tonight is El Grito, which basically means that everyone and their dog will be drinking in the streets.It's actually the night of Independence Day, but any holiday in Mexico just means that everyone is going to drink themselves to death. This, and the supposed ''hurricane'' that we never see has caused President to order everyone in their houses at 7pm tonight. Which doesn't mean much to some areas because they have to be in their houses at that time anyways, but whatever. I can clock in a good few hours of studying.

Updates on me: I've finally solidifying the present subjunctive tense, which has been giving me fits for quite a few months now. I absolutely LOVE Spanish. It's is a perfect language. So much more beautiful and complete than English. Past Subjunctive is still hurting, though, so that's what I'll be working on for the next few weeks. Physically, I'm fatter, but fine. I can eat anything, on the streets or in the house, and it won't do anything to me. Score! Unfortunately, it's an attribute all the Americans have to absorb. Emotionally, I'm exhausted, but chugging along. Sometimes we thrive, sometimes we can't do anything but survive. Spiritually, I have never been better! I love this gospel, and I love this work. I love being a missionary and helping other people grow and progress in their life to realize the same eternal truths I know to be true. I love the way that God teaches me, and other people. It's never in the way I expect; always in a better way. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that it's a perfect being that runs this show? Imagine if it was a human, or something. Life would be a disaster. But the good news is that God is in charge and knows us completely. He knows exactly what we need, and the best way to give it to us. Sometimes, when my faith is weak, I remind myself to have faith in the faith that God has in me, in His plan for me, and in His infinite love. It helps a lot. 

I love you all, and I hope that this letter finds you happy, healthy, and well. 


Hermana Day

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