Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I've been bitten by a Mexican dog.

I'm sure mom freaked out when she saw that title. Hehe! Yes, I was bitten by a dog. It was terrifying, and it hurt, but the good thing is that I was weaing fairly thick tights, so his teeth didn't pierce any skin, so no worries about infection or anything. I just have bite marks and a huge bruise on my leg. It was a big dog. :P 

Well, what a happy way to start my bi-weekly email! Just another week here in Mexico! :D This week was actually really awesome. I'm not sure exactly why, probably because the contrast between the week before was so terrible that anything seems better in comparison... but this week was cool. We taught a lot of lessons to a lot of really awesome people, and as always, I'm getting better at this missionary thing every day. 

Truly, I'm grateful I'm finally getting the hang of Mexico, because when I got here I just felt oppressed haha :P I couldn't express myself properly, and I felt like Sister Missionary Robot 2.0. It was terrible. But now in lessons I can be creative and express myself clearly and with the spirit, and seek to connect with people, and everything is better. 

We taught some pretty cool lessons this week. One was to these two young men who have been members for most of their lives, but know practically nothing about the gospel. They are studying and working here in Hermosillo and live with their sister, who is also a member. They're 18 and 22, and are from a ranch about 3 hours south of Hermosillo. They are the most good natured boys anyone has ever met. They are always early to church every Sunday and they help with the Sacrement, and talk with our investigators. They both want to serve missions but their dad won't help them, so the older brother is working full time to save up enough money so his little brother can go serve. Literally, I want to cry. They are so strong and good in the church, and we get the opportunity to teach them. It's great. It's like teaching investigators though, because they recieved the discussions when they were kids and don't remember anything. :P

We also have three niƱas that we are teaching. They live right behind the church, and just showed up one day. It is literally the saddest situation I have ever seen. They live with their grandma, who is mentally ill, and their mom works day and night to support them and pay all the bills. Their house is the most erie, depressing place I have ever seen in my entire life. Their hair is in knots and they always have dirty clothes, but they go to church every Sunday because they love learning and being around people who will love them. This last Sunday before church we went to their house and brushed their hair out and washed their faces, and braided their hair in beautiful braids and took them to church. They were so happy and I cried about three times. We did get to teach their mom after church, however, so we're really, really hoping we can actually do something about this situation. 

I have no time and it's really frustrating because I literally have a billion more things to write! Well, consider this part one of this letter, and I will try to finish it next week! I love you all!

Hermana Day

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