Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dear everyone,

In case some of you may have noticed, I have started sending mass emails only every other week. This is because I just don't have enough time to do anything, and it's easier this way. Hopefully you guys don`t feel too offended. 

These last two weeks were actually crazy. Lots of crazy things happened. We taught a marine who sat there and calmly told us throughout the entire lesson that he liked to kill people and wouldn't hesitate to do it. We found a less active member who pretended not to be a less active member but and investigator, served us tea on accident, his son kissed a mortified Hermana Villa (normal Hispanic culture stuff), plus lots of other stuff I won't even go into. Oh, and breatfeeding is commonplace here. Which I am totally cool with, except for people don't use blankets or shirts or anything. Sometimes I question whether I'm in Africa. We had a lesson yesterday where a 2 year old just walked up to his mom, reached in her shirt, and started brestfeeding while she calmly listened to our message and didn't even blink. Oh, and a little kid went to the bathroom all over my backpack as well. Welcome to life in Mexico. :P We have fun. ;)

This week was great, though. Mexicans have something called Semana Santa, which is where they celebrate Easter week with no school and no work and everyone is on vacation. It's great. Easter was really cool. Sacrament meeting was AWESOME. This sister gave a talk about the meaning of Pascua, which is Easter in Spanish. Of course I can't clarify any of this, but she talked about how Pascua means change or transformation, and was used by the ancient Jews. In the days of Moses, the Jews spread the blood of the pascual lamb above their doors, and how this is a symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ saving us from destruction, liberating us from bondage as the children of Israel. Of course, I have no google with which to research this more, but can I just say that I have never had such a desire to learn Latin and Greek than I do right now. I need to learn how to read the Bible in Greek. Seriously.

Well, naturally I have no time. But I love each one of you, and I am going to send pictures right now so hopefully those all go up on the blog. 


Hermana Day

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